Borehole Drilling

Hardrock Drilling (Pty) Ltd provides a turnkey service when it comes to boreholes i.e. drilling, pump installation and electrical connections.

Site selection is not included. Prior to commencement the prospective client is given a written quotation on one of our standard quotation forms.

A package price is based on the anticipated average depth for the area. Variables will apply if the depth varies from the average. From this quote the client will know what they are paying for. Once the quotation is accepted and signed by the customer it becomes an order and placed in our planning schedule. The client is provided with a commencement date.

Drilling and Casing

The drilling and casing process is pneumatic. The efficiency of this function is determined by the large compressors used. Drilling is often completed in a matter of hours as a result.
The diameter of the borehole is 165mm as standard. During the drilling process, communication is maintained with the client and on completion, aspects of final depth, yield and anticipated pressure provided by the pump will be discussed.
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Our Guarantee

The complete installation is carried out by Hardrock Drilling without the involvement of subcontractors. On completion there is a written guarantee covering the borehole construction, equipment installed and workmanship.